Alchemist Production Pte Ltd | Process
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  • 01 Material Selection

    Select your material of choice at our showroom featuring a spread of ZAROC™ Quartz, Marble and Granite.

  • 02 On-Site Measurement

    We will send our in-house specialists for a site survey where they will sketch out your plan while taking precise measurements for you.

  • 03 Quotation

    With a full understanding on your requirements, we will provide a competitive quotation for your consideration.

  • 04 Precision Cutting

    Upon confirmation, we will cut your selected material to your desired shape and size using our very own laser guided cutter.

  • 05 Detailed Finishing

    Once cut to size, our experts will send the material for detailed polishing in order to create that everlasting shine you desire.

  • 06 Installation

    Finally, our seasoned installation team will then install the materials with attention paid to finest detail.

We want to be your one stop provider for all your Quartz, Marble and Granite needs.

Contact us now for a free quote on your project